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Parish Council in Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Policing Questionnaire

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The Nottinghamshire Police and Nuthall Parish Council are putting out this questionnaire to evaluate your perception of local (neighbourhood) policing and how you see it evolving in the future to give the best possible cost effective service.

Please would you help us by taking the time to complete the questions below which will feed into the evaluation process

The Temple Centre was until recently a hub that the police used and housed an office, ability to post messages, notice boards (one indoor one outdoor) and was available to use for interviews and meetings but when it was closed at short notice the Parish Council asked for a review of that decision.

Your answers to the following questions will help inform the review.


Were you aware of this office and if so did you ever refer to the notice boards or police office? What was your experience?

1 Yes No Details


Have you used the 101 (non emergency number) system in the last 12 months. If so what for, on how many occasions and how would you rate your experience.

2 Not used Very poor Poor Adequate Good Very good

Brief outline of reason for call(s) including if  your reason for calling was dealt with to your satisfaction


The Police have an alert system that the local Neighbourhood team use to report incidents to the public (the Parish Council currently receive these and put them on their facebook page). Are you aware of this system and if so how do you find the information it gives?

Not used Very poor Poor Adequate Good Very good 3

Would you be interested in being included in the Alert system, either via the Parish Council facebook or by the police system directly? If so please leave your contact e-mail below or link into our facebook page as appropriate.

Your email


Have you been contacted by the police (by letter through your door for example or at community events or whilst out and about in Nuthall) during the last year. If so how would you rate your experience.

4 None Very poor Poor Adequate Good Very good


Technology has changed, society and its needs have changed and the Police are having to review the way it interacts with the community. It would be very helpful if you would carefully consider the possible contact points below and give as much detail as you can about why you think they would be beneficial or not - there’s space for your comments at the end of the form.

5 Type of Contact Point Yes No Dedicated Police Notice board at Temple Centre at Other location (please suggest) Use of Council Notice Boards sited at: Temple Centre Asycough Ave Larkfield Road opposite St Patrick's church Mornington Crescent top entrance Mornington Spar Shop Nottingham Road/Highfield Drive Hempshill Lane/Low Wood Road Other (please suggest)

Availability to make appointments to meet with an officer at Temple Centre or other public building

Police contact point (phone) at

Temple Centre

Other location (please suggest)

Police contact point (secure post box at

Temple Centre

Other location (please suggest)

Regular pre-planned surgery at Temple Centre or other public building

Attendance at community events

A B B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9 C D E F G

Finally, please let us know below why you think the possible contact points would be beneficial or not. If you have a lot to say the text will automatically scroll so you’re not limited to the size of the box.